We're confident, that with the diversity of classes offered, there is something for you! We're pleased to offer 2 convenient locations, 641 Conception Bay, CBS and 120 LeMarchant Rd, St. John's, both promise to create an invigorating and fun learning environment.

Dance...It is not gender specific. It requires no previous training. Join today...that's the first step!


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This class is for boys and girls who have had their 2nd birthday and love music and dance. Toddlers minds and imaginations will be stimulated through movement! One parent/guardian participates with the child...what a great way to spend a half hour with a toddler. This class is a building block for the Music & Movement program.
Ages: 24-36 months


Children's creativity and imagination will flourish in this class. It will enhance social interaction and individual development skills. This class is an introduction to dance steps to develop motor skills and spatial awareness. Suitable for boys and girls.
Ages: 3-4 years


Emotion, Expression, Interpretation. Blending Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance, you will explore and discover new ways to express yourself through music, poetry and composition.
Ages: 9 & Up


Upbeat, Energetic & Funky - this class will help develop coordination, strength, discipline and an appreciation for dance for young boys.Incorporating street dance style and basic bboying.
Ages: 5 & Up


An ancient form of music, singing, and dancing which contains the distilled experience of the gypsy (Roma) people. Begin with learning the basics in palmas (clapping), taconeo (footwork), marcaje (marking steps) and arm/upper body/hand movements. All this is done in relation to the traditional songs and rhythms, so that students understand how the dancing relates to the music and can take the first steps toward improvising. Advance from Tangos & Sevillanas to Guajira, Bulerias, Tientos and more.


Explore the world of musical theatre with this up beat and energetic class. Using Ballet, Jazz, Fosse, and Soft shoe, this class will focus on technique, character development, and performance. Select songs and choreography will be used from shows and movies like Sweet Charity, West Side Story, White Christmas, and Hairspray.  
Ages: 8 & Up


Lets you use your body as a rhythmic instrument. With an emphasis on fancy footwork and rhythm, tap develops agility, coordination, musicality, and stylized movement.
Ages 5 & Up


Energetic, exhilarating, up-tempo, and an excellent body conditioner. It blends popular music and current dance trends with the polish and technique of performance dance.
Ages: 5 & Up


Develop technique, style & confidence while rocking it in heels. A mixture of Commercial Jazz, Jazz Funk and Burlesque. Our aim is to build & bring out inner confidence & performance in each individual dancer. Open to male and female. Ages: Adult/Teen (15+)


Classical training develops strength, flexibility, correct posture, coordination, and overall grace. This carefully designed program benefits the recreational as well as the professional oriented student.
Ages 5 & Up


Sizzling Jazz combos with a Latin flare (salsa, rumba, cha cha) to a hot Latin playlist. This class does not require a partner.


A stepping stone and introduction to Hip hop for children ages 6-9yrs



Evolved from freestyle street jam dancing and is seen on many music videos. It's fun, easy to learn ans a great workout. Classes include warm-up, a breakdown of the latest moves, and the development of complete routines.
Ages 9 & Up


Thoughtful progressions take the beginner level dancer from log rolls and somersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage! This class will give dancers that added edge and impressive skills  to add to their repertoire.
Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.

This is a program that takes gymnastic based elements and adds them with dance to build creative routines.

Instructors are all certified Acrobatic Arts teachers.

Age 5 & Up




This class will concentrate on the basic techniques and elements of Oriental dance, preparing for choreography, improvisation, and the use of props. Focus will be on developing coordination, flexibility, and softness of movement while exploring your femininity and filling the movement with emotion. 



Jive, Waltz, Social & Slow Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Quickstep, Paso Doble, Tango & Viennese Waltz. These fun and popular dances for couples will give you the confidence and grace on the dance floor you need to be the center of attention at weddings and other social events. Private lessons available; individual, couples and groups. Classes are offered for the absolute beginner up to the most advanced dancer.


A must class for all fitness levels!


Learn new conditioning techniques, build your stamina and improve your flexibility. A well balanced class to improve full body mobility and strength, and overall health. Exercises can be modified depending on your tolerance or if you have injuries, etc. This class will allow you to work on your own personal goals and at your own pace. 


Private lessons can be booked for individuals, couples or groups.

1. Couples Getting Married...surprise your family and guests with a Ballroom or Latin American number as your first dance.
2. Shift Workers...can't make it to regular week to week classes? Private lessons can be booked at your convenience.
3. Skaters, Gymnasts, Performers...need to prepare a routine for a competition, audition or show? Have one of our instructors choreograph it for you.
4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...learn to grove it out to your favorite dance songs with a group of friends.
5. Need extra time on something specific that you've been working on in class



Studio Closure Report


If you are questioning the possibility of a studio closure, check the HOME page or our Facebook page 1 hour prior to your class. The weather changes often and updates may be made throughout the day. 


Note - Barring extreme circumstances, if a closure has not been announced 1 hour prior to your class, it's a go.