Owned and operated by Jill Dreaddy, a professional dancer and dance teacher, the studio is dedicated to fostering excellence in dance training. Along with teaching students how to dance, Jill Dreaddy Danceco believes in developing the skills of cooperation, teamwork, self-discipline, motivation and spirit, and encourages individuals to work at their optimal potential. JDD was established in 1997.
2013-2014 Dance Season

JDD is super excited for what the 2013/14 dance season has in store!

New this season...Barre Method and Broadway for children as young as 8yrs.

Tots In Motion is back! Your 2 year old's imagination will soar in this class as they explore through movement with the participation of a parent. Suitable for boys and girls.

Keep an eye out this season for performances by JDD's Jr. and Sr. Performing Groups and Hip Hop Crew.

JDD is pleased to offer
  • Online registration....register anytime, anywhere, 24/7! No line ups or waiting!! We accept Visa and Master Card.

  • Dance Packages for families and students who take several dance classes a week
  • The largest selection of discipline to choose from…there is something for everyone as young as 2 years old.
  • Back-to-back classes for students studying more than one discipline a week
  • Weekday morning/afternoon classes for young children and adults
  • Private Lessons
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Why I LOVE To Dance

To celebrate International Dance Week, April 28 to May 03, JDD wants to know what dance means to you.

1. Go to JDD's facebook page, and click on EVENTS.
2. Submit a video of yourself and tell us why you love dance and what it means to you.
2. Must be 30 seconds or less.
3. Deadline to submit: May 3rd, 2014

The winner will win a $50 gift certificate for dance classes at JDD.


Randoms Acts of Dance
May 2nd
JDD's performing groups whoop it up at a surprise location in celebration of International Dance Week

JDD's 17th Annual Year End Production
June 16 & 17
Arts and Culture Centre